AntiGravity Yoga
January 3, 2012

Antigravity Yoga Redfern

AntiGravity Yoga

Is a fitness regime accessible to everyone and designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance company whose daily workout utilizes the AntiGravity Hammock. The technique was created by gymnasts for the sake of exploring the air and has been modified and enhanced to fit into the yoga mold and to cater to the everyday athlete. By adding additional techniques from dance, pilates and calisthenics, AntiGravity has created a complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning your spine from the compression of gravity. AntiGravity Yoga takes into consideration both meanings of the word — working to manipulate physics while staying lighthearted. Please wear a T-shirt with sleeves in class and do not wear any jewelry. Contraindications for inversions: Abnormal blood pressure, heart disease, recent surgeries or back surgery, glaucoma,             pregnancy and vertigo. Please monitor your resistance and see a physician if you are unsure.

  • Due to limited spaces, we recommend that you book online for AntiGravity Yoga classes and workshops. If you do not prepay, your space will not be confirmed.
  • If you have prepaid and do not show up for class, we will give your space to someone else and you will not get a refund. If you have prepaid for a workshop and you cancel, all fees are non-refundable or transferable.
  • Cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 48 hours applies.
  • If you are on a 10 class AntiGravity Yoga pass and book and do not show up to class, we will give your class to someone else and 1 class will be deducted from your pass.
    • Check out this link for a little taste of AntiGravity Yoga

        AntiGravity Yoga Testimonial

        I woke this morning with the thought, I think at 3 am about writing a blurb on how
        my body feels since I have embarked on your wonderful classes.

        How Antigravity Yoga has changed My Body and Life…

        I tried my first class already knowing in my soul that this type of body movement
        was exactly what I needed to turn back my body clock.
        50 approaching in October, my body was feeling every injury I have sustained thru
        life thus far.
        Despite being a personal pilates trainer and wife of a Sports Kinesiologist, I work
        so incredibly hard outdoors in the country.
        My body is strong, it is fit but it hurt so badly when I slept, that I never really

        Becoming lazy in my stretching because I deeply wanted to dance again, I was
        beginning to fade as other unfit people do.
        No one ever noticed or knew how much I was suffering. On the outside my body was the
        shape others wanted, my health was organic and good.

        Pain had become my enemy at 49!

        Class number one I coped with all the neurological changes I could feel were taking
        place. Dizzy and nausea did set in. I backed off and took control of how much I
        could and could not do. I left the room on a high that I had not felt since I
        stopped dancing classical ballet in 1986 after a serious spinal injury.

        My height was now 5’9 inches.

        For a week I carried the elegance in my body once again, people noticed a change in
        me and my energy was infectious! Each day I dreamed of returning to Sydney to hang
        from the Redfern ceiling again.

        I did fulfill my simple dream 1 week later to train with Evangeline. Wow factor
        kicked in again and I had felt another shot of Antigravity Yoga endorphins running
        thru my soul. Back to the country after class that night to sleep once again as the
        week before the most amazing sleeps I have ever experienced.

        I am now 6 weeks into classes with the beautiful and peaceful environment of House
        Of Yoga, it has become my city home on Monday nights. My life has changed along with
        my body. The confidence I lost from the shattering injury that stopped me from
        dancing has returned in another way with the glow that fills you from the inside

        My pain disappeared in the first class, then it moved and changed if I missed a
        class. As long as I take a class once a week I am in heaven. I am a new person by
        being 90% pain free daily. My energy, my brain and thoughts have become so powerful
        and invigorating, that I question also the spiritual guidance that has come thru
        from body movements. My guide had also become ridden with pain and was struggling

        For anyone who has not given themselves a chance to truly experience the changes and
        holistic, spiritual benefits of Antigravity Yoga, then I summons you to give your
        soul what it deserves.

        You will never be the old you that you were growing old in.

        My appetite has reduced, my weight has shifted and moved back into its correct
        proportions. I am light. My muscles remember ballet again. My neck has elongated and
        removed the premature ageing from under my chin.

        Spinal freedom is singing every day as I bounce from my warm bed in my cold haven in
        the mountains with no slippers on cold floors.

        I am alive again..!!!

        Stop Press…..

        Ok,, I am going to sleep now,, my heavenly sleep!

        Thank you so much for your awesome world you have shared with us! xo

        Warm Regards