Karma Yoga
August 23, 2011

Wanna practice at the studio, but can’t afford it? If this is you, please join our Karma Yoga program. In exchange for helping out at the studio, you will receive free yoga classes. Also, if you have experience assisting yoga classes, we can also give you free classes in exchange for assisting our yoga classes. Please contact info@nullhouseofyoga.com.au if interested.

What is Karma Yoga? Karma means action. Yoga means union. This is a path of selfless service that opens our hearts so we can be closer with our True Selves, and experience oneness with the world around us. If we remain non-attached to the outcome and offer ourselves fully in service — it will bring untold happiness and fulfillment.

The advantage of Karma-Yoga is that it transforms activity from selfish, goal based-action that results in binding karma, to selfless, ego-free action, which produces no karma. In addition, Karma-Yoga is suitable for everyone. As Shri Krishna points out in the Bhagavad-Gîtâ, no one is free from action for even a moment. Life in a body is based on action, and even the most reclusive hermit is constantly involved in some form of activity, no matter how subtle. The applicability of Karma-Yoga for the busy modern person, whose responsibilities certainly exceed those of the hermit, is thus apparent.