September 11, 2011

Matt believes in living totally organically – body, mind, and spirit. Matt teaches energetic Power Vinyasa classes, which work you hard and take you to that place where your inner child shines. He has a playful attitude and his classes are a beautiful balance of strength building, relaxation and fun. Matt’s yoga training is grounded in meditation and pranayama. And he enjoys helping students find inner stillness through their practice. Influenced by many teachers all over the world, T.K.V. Desikachar, Baron Batiste, Shiva Rae and Simon Borg-Olivier.

“I started the practice of yoga due to a surfing accident. That accident started me on a journey of a life time” “Yoga is about embracing life, going for it, learning, growing, feeling good
and positive about yourself and what you do”.

Matt also practices vipassana meditation. “I still recall my first course”.
“I was looking for something for years. I was going to a lot of weekend courses, meditation talks, reading books and self practice, but there was something missing”. “There had to be more”… a friend told me about a 10 day silent meditation course in the mountains. “That was it”. “What I thrive on in the journey of self recognition, is being open to new experiences and changes within and integrating yoga into my life is a life long adventure”.
“The Meaning of Yoga for me is to get to know who I am, body, mind and spirit, to have a scientific way of life, to go beyond reasoning of what lays within, to open my mind and heart to new perceptions and possibilities”.