Teacher Training Aug-Oct 2015


We are very excited to bring you a comprehensive 200hr Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher Training. This Yoga Alliance certified program integrates traditional and contemporary yoga, giving students a deeper understanding of yoga and how to practice intelligently, along with the skills necessary to teach a broad range of students.

Developed by our teacher Holly Coles, the program has run for the past 5 years in New York and Sydney and is now being integrated into our teacher training offerings at House of Yoga. It will be co-taught by Vicki Smart as well as specialty guest teachers and mentors.

The program is structured to provide teachers the knowledge, guidance and capacity to instruct with wisdom & integrity, in a time frame that allows for consistency in study and practice. It is conveniently offered over weekends August – October (see below for exact dates). It features input from teachers with a strong background in diverse styles of Hatha Yoga – including Vinyasa, Anusara, Power, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Therapeutic and Restorative – and teaches a fusion of styles and movement techniques that have led the way in the evolution of Western Yoga.

The goal of the program is to provide trainees with a solid foundation in all aspects of yoga from which they can develop a style of teaching most suited to their interests and aspirations.

Running over 11 weeks from August 7 – October 25, 2015
Two weekend breaks (Aug 28-30 and Oct 2-4)

Fri 6-9pm
Sat 10-6pm
Sun 11.30-6pm

The Curriculum

The curriculum is made up of a number of core modules that feature each weekend during the classroom hours with the remainder dedicated to specialised topics in the field of yoga most relevant to this level of training. In addition, our Mentorship Program gives students the opportunity to teach open public classes at House of Yoga as part of the practical training, giving trainees relevant ‘real life’ experience — for this each student is assigned a teacher who will provide support, guidance and feedback for the duration of the training. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be certified as 200-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teachers and are eligible for Yoga Alliance registration at the 200-Hr level.

Description of Modules

Foundations of Asana

An in-depth exploration of over 100 different poses where you will learn the foundations of the physical practice of yoga. This section will include learning correct anatomical alignment, benefits, modifications, variations, prop usage, verbal corrections, hands-on assisting, how to work safely with different body types and injuries, as well as developing a self-practice.


Read, write & discuss the rich history & philosophy that provides the basis for the entire yoga practice. Learn how to bring this philosophy into your own life and into the classes you share with your students. This section will incorporate the study of traditional & contemporary texts, Eastern philosophy and the ethics involved in becoming a yoga teacher.


Explore prana and the energetic body as you practice this powerful component of yoga. Through breath awareness and specific breathing techniques you will learn how to effectively integrate pranayama into your own practice and how to guide others in unifying breath, movement and meditation for a complete yoga experience.


Explore the different meditation practices that underline the foundation of yoga. This section will incorporate regular guided meditations looking at a number of different techniques to allow you to experience the many approaches and benefits of concentration and meditation. You will be assisted in developing a personal practice to further develop your awareness as well as understand how to bring this important aspect of yoga into any style of class.

Teaching Skills And Practicum

Gain invaluable practice for teaching in the yoga industry. In this section, you will be provided with guidelines for developing and teaching an effective general class, as well as specific principles of demonstration, instruction, observation and correction. You will be provided with ample opportunity to practice teaching, both within the program and to the public. All students will also have the opportunity to observe and assist House of Yoga teachers on the weekly public class schedule.

One-on-One Teaching

In addition to the Teaching Skills module, you will also be introduced to the world of private yoga instruction. The ‘One-on-One’ Teaching practicum prepares you to give personalized instruction with intelligence and attentiveness to your students’ individual needs.

Yoga Therapy

Learn how to use yoga remedially and therapeutically — embracing all aspects of yoga to assist in the recovery, maintenance and further prevention of common health conditions. This section will include yoga for physical injury, chronic disease as well as addressing mental & emotional issues.

Personal Development

Evolve along your personal path through journaling, self-study and guided group discussion. This section creates a space to share your experiences of yoga and the teacher training process in a supportive environment. On-going self study and personal growth is nurtured as an important aspect of becoming an authentic teacher.

Sanskrit Studies

Gain knowledge of the Sanskrit language through asana, mantras, and chanting. We are privileged to have Sanskrit scholar join us to teach the power and beauty behind the language of yoga.

Anatomy of Yoga

A five-part series that provides a hands-on approach to understanding the human body and how it moves. It presents the essentials of anatomy and physiology as it specifically relates to yoga, incorporating the science behind human movement enabling you to teach the movements of yoga with appreciation for the actual workings of the human body. You will explore the components of anatomy, taking an in-depth look at the spine, shoulders & hips and how to approach the human body smartly and safely.

Intelligent Sequencing

‘Intelligent Sequencing’ module teaches you how to combine creativity and wisdom to deliver quality classes that aren’t repetitive or robotic yet adhere to alignment principles understanding the differences between the art and science of yoga poses. This three-part module covers the foundations of sequencing and how to be attentive to the level and capacity of all students in a class. We explore the role of a teacher in the safety of a student and the sustainability of the practice through discovering the importance of correct technique, pace and progression. We also look at creativity and artistry in breathing fresh air into traditional sequences and styles with teaching templates, whereby you are encouraged to find your own voice and style.

Class Composition

Class composition is what often sets teachers apart — the ability to lead an interesting and informative yoga practice that helps facilitate a student’s understanding and progress. Learn how to create a complete class from start to finish working with common composition tools — templates, philosophical themes, anatomical focuses, ‘peak poses’ and more. You will explore how to set up the yoga space, create an atmosphere, use music/visual aids/dialogue and put together a complete class that plays to your strengths as a teacher.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

As a yoga teacher of any style or level it is important that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to accommodate for differences in movement ability as well as individual needs due to specific health conditions — as important as any is pregnancy and postpartum care. In this module you will learn about female anatomy and how to support the changing prenatal body in movement and breathing. You will also cover fundamental ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, and the differences between.

Restorative Yoga

Gain proficiency in increasingly popular facet of yoga that can be taught as a stand-alone class or woven into any other style of yoga for a more comprehensive practice. Restorative poses use props and techniques that are designed to create balance in the body on every level and hence serve all students regardless of age, level or interest in yoga. Knowledge on this level is integral to a teacher’s ability to work with students with injury, illness or disability and create a space for deep relaxation and healing.

Community in Yoga

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of the yoga industry is the widespread support of the ever-growing community. This module will introduce you to the ways in which you can take advantage of the strong bonds that are created between teachers, particularly within a yoga studio. You will also look at how to further develop the sense of community for your students with the way that you interact and with your approach to teaching. This will be one of your best resources for finding success in the world of yoga.

Business Of Yoga

The all-important question of how to bring together the logistics, strategy and marketing of a business, the art of teaching and the philosophy of yoga is delved into in the business of yoga. The yoga industry doesn’t need to be an environment of ‘struggling artists’ if you have the business know-how of how to get yourself out there in your preferred teaching capacity. You will discover how to make the transition from trainee to teacher as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Community Classes

House of Yoga will be offering teacher trainees the unique opportunity to teach public classes (posted as ‘Community Classes’ on the regular weekly schedule) as part of the training to give you ‘real’ teaching experience in a group class setting. It will give you the time & space to discuss your experiences with teaching for the time and to work with your mentor to refine the process so that you are comfortable with teaching commercially.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is designed to support you in gaining the skills and confidence to be able to go out and teach following the training. Each student is assigned a mentor (a House of Yoga teacher) who will give individualised support for the duration of the training and the opportunity for feedback well beyond. Our selected teachers offer their guidance in service of making this an empowering experience for you.

DREAM Investment

Early Bird Price: $3650 only 10 spots at this price, $500 Deposit. Paid in full by 1 March 2015.

Open Price $4250: After 1 March 2015, $500 Deposit. Paid in full by 1 August 2015.

If paying online with Visa or Mastercard, a 2.2% service charge will be incurred plus a one time only EZi Debit fee of $2.20. If you pay with American Express, a 4.4% service charge will be incurred. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you will not incur any service fee.

Payment options can be arranged by connecting House of Yoga on 8021 4113 or email info@houseofyoga.com.au